The 14th Annual & Last Dash…
We invite you to run or walk in the Final 5K Shwachman Diamond Dash Saturday June 17, 2017 at 9am

Interested in becoming a corporate sponsor for the 2017 race? Click here for more info on sponsorship. Or contact us at dashforacure@yahoo.com.

Shwachman Diamond Syndrome is a rare bone marrow failure syndrome in which there is no
known cure. There are currently about 500 cases worldwide. Currently, it affects a young member
of the Sayville community. Not enough research is being done due to the lack of funding and awareness
of this syndrome. Shwachman Diamond Project, Ltd. raises monies that go directly to research into a cure
and also funds projects into cord blood research. After 14 years this will be our “Last Dash” For a Cure.

Read a special narrative from Jennifer Kolar, Dylan’s mom, reflecting on the experience of organizing a fundraising 5k.

Entire proceeds to benefit Shwachman-Diamond Project